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The Carlisle Medical Journal is a very unique, compact and user-friendly medical journal that can be used to assist anyone in organizing and recording their own medical history. The journal is divided into 9 customized sections. Each multi-colored tab contains the title for each section. The contents of the book fits into a custom 3-ring binder approximately 9 x 6. The front and back inside covers has a built in insurance card holder and storage pocket. Simply fill in the blanks to record important information about your family medical tree; doctors and specialist information, medications used, allergic reactions, appointments, medical test/results, surgeries and hospital stays; and journaling your thoughts and experiences. Having access to all this information in one centrally located place can be very helpful to carry with you each time you visit any doctor. It would also be helpful to a friend or relative to have all of your medical history contained in one location in case of an emergency.

Now the
Carlisle Medical Journal is offered in an online version. The same great journal, in an online format. Rather than carry your medical history around every where you go, you can now access your information from any computer, as long as you have an internet connection.

<< NOTE >> When you purchase the online version of the Carlisle Medical Journal, there is a link on the PayPal site that you need to click in order for your online account to be setup. The link will bring you back to this site where you will be able to setup your new account.

$24.99 - paper version

$24.99 - online version
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The Parent E-Gram is a unique, online application allowing you to email a gram to parents from the classroom teacher or school personnel. This Parent E-Gram will be welcomed by parents when receiving a positive note about student improvements and accomplishments. There are multiple styles and messages to choose from. This application is designed for a school subscription allowing all teachers within that school to use the software.

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The Appreciation Gram is a short, positive note given to an employee by an employer to show appreciation for their good work. This gram helps to promote a positive work environment and also serves as a morale booster. Tell your employees how much you appreciate them by sending them an Appreciation Gram today! Quantity of 16, envelopes included.

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